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Councillor Liz Johnston (of Soham Town Council) will be holding open ‘surgeries’ for any Soham resident to attend with any issues they may have, which relate to the town. The date for the first is on: 10th June from 9.30am to 1.30pm in Hall 2 of The Walter Gidney Pavilion, on Soham Recreation Ground.  She will do her best to help with your concerns, to raise your issues, or at the very least try to put you in contact with those who can. If this ‘surgery’ proves successful, more will follow each month.

Please be aware that if she is already talking with a resident, you may have to wait until that discussion is over. Formal bookings will be taken, if this venture is successful, when 15 minute time slots will be made available throughout the chosen day each month. At this time they are ‘ad hoc’.